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Bose ae2w mini review – Finally got them

Yesterday, my wife and I went to our local Bose store to get the all new and almighty Bose AE2w headset! Thats right, headset, not headphones 😉 these are Bose’s newest wireless headset with a built in microphone, and oh boy, do they sound great.

I have had the regular AE2 before and really liked it, I actually think that the AE2 is my favorite pair of cans for the price, quality, and comfort. I really like how light-weight it is that you actually forget you are wearing them after a short while.

these new Bose AE2 cans, in my opinion, are as good as the regular AE2, and even better, I believe Bose did improve the sound a bit, I found them sounding a little bit bitter and got a little more base in them than the regular AE2.

The Bluetooth adapter houses the battery and a nice built-in microphone, the microphone is not advertised as noise blocking one, but when I tested it (simple Skype test call on my PC with the TV on in the background) It did really well blocking the noise coming out of the TV. You can also charge the Bluetooth dongle WITHOUT having it connected to the headset. You can simply just unplug the Bluetooth dongle, plug it in to the micro-usb cable (provided in the box) to charge it separately, while using the audio cable (also provided in the box) to use the cans as a regular wired headphones. Keep in mind that with the provided audio cable, when using these headphones, you lose the microphone functionality, as the microphone is built in to the Bluetooth dongle.

Final thoughts
I really like this new AE2w headset, the sound quality is great, just enough base to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. very crisp sound, specially like in my case, used the headset to play video games on my PC, the games sounded a lot better. I just wish they were a tiny bit louder! I have my PC volume up all the way to 100% and the headset volume all the way up, they sounded great and completely blocked all the noise around me. I just wish they were just a little bit louder.


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  1. Joshua · October 26, 2014

    Just got mine today and it sound great as you reviewed. Thanks for your practical review.


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