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Fitbit Flex review – The disappointment we’ve all been waiting for

Fitbit Charge HR review

Just a quick background story. I have been disparately waiting for the Fitbit Flex ever since they announced it. I did not think twice about pre-ordering it, as soon as the pre-orders page went live, I jumped right in and added 2, one for myself and one for my wife. I was really excited to try this new gadget, it has everything the Jawbone UP has plus wireless sync, which was my biggest issue about the Jawbone UP! You have the take the UP off every time you want to sync it. I had the Jawbone UP, used it for about a month, then syncing it became such a hassle to the point where I just stopped syncing it everyday, then I found myself not even using it anymore because I did not want to keep wearing it and taking it off to sync it just to see if I am on track with my daily goal or not. So when they announced the Fitbit Flex, I was really excited to have something like the UP plus wireless sync.

My wife and I are both in good shape, we both wanted the Flex just to keep us active and motivated, we both wanted to basically lose few pounds and monitor our calories to get a better understanding about our diet.

Pre-ordering process nightmares
Once Fitbit announced the Flex and started accepting pre-orders, many people, myself included, jumped right in and pre-ordered it, people trust Fitbit products since they have had a good success with their other activity monitors. Fitbit kept delaying the release date of the Flex without any announcement of why or when it will be out, no one knew when the device was coming out! Posts of angry people demanding answers on Fitbit’s facebook page were simply getting deleted almost right away. Then all of the sudden, and without any notice from Fitbit about when the product will be released, Flex started selling at BestBuy! But wait a minute! We all pre-ordered the device, shouldn’t we (the ones who pre-ordered it) get it first? what is the point of pre-ordering then? Why jump the ship and pre-order a product if it will start selling at retailers before you get your pre-order?

I went to BestBuy and got two, Black and Slate. then went home and contacted Fitbit to cancel my pre-orders, Fitbit were nice about it and cancelled my pre-orders. Right until now, Fitbit Flex still says coming soon on their website, but it is already selling at BestBuy, if you have a pre-order, just cancel it and go get it from BestBuy. Or maybe just cancel your pre-order and not even get it before finish reading this review.

Un-packaging and first impressions
Once I got home, very excited, I opened the box, Flex has a nice simple packaging box, almost like the Jawbone Up, if you are familiar with the UP packaging, you would not find the Flex packaging new to you. Nothing fancy to write about here, the device is displayed in the middle, with an extra small size band, USB charger, Bluetooth USB receiver, and a small user manual.

I inspected the device, which is very small sitting inside the large rubber band, to make sure nothing is broken, no visual manufacturer defects or breaks. Everything was good, the quality is good, it is as good of quality as other Fitbit products. As for the rubber band, nothing to go crazy about, just a simple, not really that fancy rubber band, the corners are all almost cut clean, Not Apple products clean, but acceptable.

I plugged it in the USB charger as instructed by the manual, downloaded the Fitbit app to my PC and started the setup, it was very simple specially because I already had a Fitbit account, so I just logged in to the app and followed the step by step instructional. Everything went smooth and the Flex was setup in under 2 minutes. Let it fully charge for about 2-3 hours then it was finally ready to be used.

Showering and first night with the Flex
By the time my Flex finished charging and I started wearing it, it was the end of that day, I wore it and jumped in the shower, since it is ok to take it with you in the shower, I wanted to test it. everything was ok, it stayed working, yay! But wait a minute, are those water drops inside the screen of the rubber band? Hmm, it is not really inside the device, but between the device and the rubber band, which has the little see through screen, water has managed to get in there and stay in there, the only way is to take the band off, take the fitbit device of the band, clean the screen from the inside then put everything back on! Convenient? maybe to some, but not for me! That was not strike one, but basically a very small let down. After that I went to sleep. Putting the device in sleep mode was not as easy as the UP, you actually have to do it from the phone app, there is no other way to put it to sleep without the app, and it is not simple too, they have managed to hide it under settings. You have to launch the app, wait for the device to finish connecting and syncing to your phone, go to settings, then sleep, then but the device to sleep. To me, that was another small let down. You mean to tell me, every time I want to put the device to sleep mode, I have to do all of this? and then again to wake it up?

I woke up the next day and wanted to see my sleep analysis, It was not much, no details or any information other than marking “Restless” 10 times at different spots during the night! That’s it! nothing crazy or fancy like the UP sleep analysis. Also, another note about the sleep silent alarm. It is not a smart alarm, again, like the UP, but just a regular alarm! What I mean by smart alarm is, with the UP, you can tell it to wake you up at maximum 6am for example. It will automatically select the best time to wake you up between 5:30 and 6 during your light sleep, so you can wake up refreshed. The Flex does not have that, it just have a simple silent alarm, 5:45 means exactly 5:45. Some people may prefer the regular alarm, me personally, being spoiled with the UP smart alarm. I prefer that instead.

At this point, I am already a little annoyed, but not the point where I am going to return it, just small little things here and they that could have been done a lot better.

First/last day with the Flex
I am a Systems Engineer, I spend most of my time on the computer, sitting down typing on my keyboard and getting lost in the E-world. I wanted something to remind me to get up and take a walk. Be a little more active and not spend hours and hours just staring at my computer screen. Keep in mind that this feature does exist with the Jawbone UP! So I naturally went into settings thinking this setting exists somewhere and I just needed to set it up! NO? come to find out, that this does not exist at all. A simple reminder does not exist to remind you to get up and walk if you have been in-active for a certain amount of time. Ok, another little let down, but still not a reason to return it.

Now comes the real test! I wanted to see how accurate the band is. I marked down the steps I took so far before starting the test. I sat down, started using my PC for about 5 minutes, typing on my keyboard. Then I launched the app to sync and see my stats, impressive! it did not register my keyboard use and hand movements as steps! So far so good, I was happy about that, but this was only a 5 minute test and can not judge by that! I tried the same thing again, but this time 20 minutes. Launched the app, sync, hmm, this time it managed to register 17 extra steps! Not good. On top of all that, I was trying to use the keyboard as lightly as possible to not tick the device and make it think I am walking. But still, I had hope and still wanted to test the device some more. After some more small testings, some more keyboard testings. Sometimes it manages to be very accurate and sometimes it completely loses it.

So for the final test. I decided to just wear it for the rest of my computer session at work, not walking at all, which was about almost 3 hours before I get off work to go home. I wrote down the number of steps I had in before starting the test. Used my computer regularly, like I always do. Three hours later, I launched the app to find out the truth about this device, synced, WHAT? OMG, 1700 steps registered from the last time I synced it! I did not get up at all, how did it register 1700 extra steps?

I quickly went online to search around if somebody else is having the same problem, I saw one post that was on Fitbit’s facebook page that basically stated it is inaccurate, the post was later deleted, I called my wife to see how her’s is holding up, she was not testing it the way I am, but she said she thought it was inaccurate, and that hers counted steps when she was also sitting down! Right then and there, I packed mine up back in the box, When my wife got home, We packed hers, went to BestBuy and returned both!

Aside from all the little annoyances that I had with the device, I could not deal with the fact that I spent $100+ on each device that gives me inaccurate stats. I am very disappointed about the fact that I waited for so long for this, only to find out that it really does not work the way I imagined it to. I honestly do not recommend it to anyone, simply because it is inaccurate, and not by 10+/- steps, but by huge numbers, what is the point of setting a goal, when you can simply reach it by only sitting down using your computer?

PS. I know I have mentioned Jawbone UP many times, but that little device is also not perfect! It is probably more accurate than the Flex, but the fact that you have to take it off and then put it back on every time you need to sync it, is a little annoying. Also, Jawbone need to make it a little more slim for people like me that use the keyboard all the time. With the Jawbone, the device was touching the keyboard or the desk all the time causing discomfort.


Hi, my name is Ali. I am a Systems Engineer. I live in the beautiful Evergreen state. I have a Bachelor degree of science in Information Technology with a handful of accompanying I.T. certificates. I also have a degree in Computer Networking. I am an Apple Certified Technician, Microsoft MCITP and a Linux expert.


    • Chris Gamble · January 9, 2016

      I was unfortunate enough to get a FITBIT HR for Christmas…what a pain in the backside . It refuses to sync and record the correct time so is poor as even a watch.

      • Gma Sharon · March 26, 2016

        I am not very smart with electronics but I just wanted something to tell me how many steps I Had taken. First of all I can’t set the clock which has been wrong from Christmas and also is there supposed to be a green light flashing continually at all times. I wanted to figure this thing out myself BUT I have no idea where to go to have someone tell me how to use it as my grand daughter ordered it online. I know they paid a good price and I am not happy. Is there a direct FitBit. store you can communicate with? It does NOT record the correct steps as I went up and down my sons steps and it showed 1step so I am a little hesitant if the steps are actually correct. Thank you

      • Steven · February 13, 2017

        I sat on a train from Venice this morning and without ever getting out of my seat, had 100 steps! Obviously, when you have been gone for several days there are chores around the house; no incremental steps in 3 hours of chores around the house. This is not the first time where my Fitbit has stood still and yes I have cleaned the backside of it. I have no confidence in it’s accuracy…….

  1. Kristen · May 5, 2013

    You can put the flex to sleep from the device by tapping on it repeatedly… The manual clearly states this, and my husband and I have both done it, repeatedly…
    Also, I had no typing ‘steps’ at all…

    • Ali · May 5, 2013

      I followed all the step-by-step instructions, I must have missed that part about putting the device to sleep by tapping on it multiple of times.

  2. SD · May 5, 2013

    Thank you for the review, i think i like the sleep analysis which UP has….i might buy the UP or Flex aghhh this is confusing. 😉

    Have a good one.


    • Ali · May 6, 2013

      Honestly its all up to you, If you want one but confused, I suggest you get both, try them out, keep the one you like and return the other 😉 that’s the only way you make sure you get what you like, everybody’s experience is different!

  3. K · May 6, 2013

    Are you going back to the UP? What’s holding me back from getting is its reputation for failing/dying early.

    Now I cannot decide AGAIN between the Flex and the UP. I was thisclose to purchasing the Flex but I am having second thoughts again. Decisions decisions!

    • Ali · May 6, 2013

      Lol, no, I will not be getting the UP again or re-buy the Flex without seeing some major improvements from both ends, The UP was good, but I hated not having wifi on it, everytime you want to see your stats, you have to take it off, plug it to your phone, sync it, and then wear it again! It gets very old very quick.

  4. Michele · May 6, 2013

    I also saw the part about putting it to sleep, I also put it to sleep with the app which I thought was very easy. I have not used the Jawbone so I cannot compare but I did test it several times and it did not count steps while I was at my desk. I have nothing to compare it to, but I do like my Flex, but I will keep testing it. I was also annoyed about the pre-order situation and did cancel my order and go to Best Buy although I did see they announced they are sending out the pre-orders today.

    • Ali · May 6, 2013

      Michele, That’s great! I hope you have a better experience than mine, I was really looking forward for this device, but for me, the negatives out-weigh the positives. I type on the keyboard a lot, and I type fast, maybe that is why it kept adding steps as I type 🙁

  5. Robert · May 6, 2013

    Did you wear the Flex on your dominant hand, or your non-dominant hand? There’s a switch in device settings that tells it which hand you wear it on, to help improve the accuracy. Mine is pretty good!

    • Ali · May 6, 2013

      I did wear it on my non-dominant hand (left) and also did the setting in the app. Im glad yours is working though, I see online that people either love it or hate it!

  6. Kathy · May 6, 2013

    I don’t have issues with fitbit being inaccurate at all. I walked at the track today and at the .64 mark I would sync my fitbit with my iphone and it was accurate. I also spend a lot of time at the computer and its never logged extra steps and I sync it constantly to check. I’ve been sitting for maybe three and a half hours at the computer and my steps have not increased since I sat down.

    I wear it on my non-dominant hand. My only issue is that the band material irritates my wrist after awhile.

  7. vincenza sena · May 7, 2013

    I totally agree with you on the movement being inaccurate, I am a Hairdresser stand in one location and use my hand a great deal, logged so many steps. I am also a Real Estate Agent, spend time on computer and driving, I was logging many many steps during this job as well, VERY disappointed in the way the product works, I contacted Fitbit the response is below… what is the point of having it if you have to continually go it and change settings!


    Our engineers have performed extensive testing to ensure that Flex be as accurate as our clip-based trackers.

    Like all Fitbit devices, Flex is designed specifically for step-based activities like walking and running, though it will still give you credit for other fitness activities to present a full picture of your overall health.

    You can manually log activities that Flex won’t track well (like cycling or yoga) from your Fitbit account if you’d like a more accurate calorie and distance summary from your Flex.

    Driving on certain bumpy roads may cause your tracker to move in a way similar to walking, causing it to track steps and floors.

    You can do the following to negate steps and floors tracked while driving:

    1. Sign into your Dashboard and click the ‘Log Activity’ icon.
    2. Select the date or dates in question.
    3. In the activity menu, type in “Automobile or light truck (not a semi) driving” and enter the duration and time that you were driving for.
    4. Then click “Log Activity”. You will see the steps, calories burned, and other data decrease for the time period specified.
    5. You can continue this process on all the dates you have in question to decrease your steps, floors and calories burned.

    We hope this gets you back on track. Let us know if you need more help.

    Ellen and the Fitbit Team

    • Ali · May 8, 2013

      I understand that such a device might count certain activities as steps by mistake, but the Flex seems to be doing it much more than other devices! or at least that is what I have noticed.

  8. Jeff S. · May 10, 2013

    Did you edit your stride length when testing the accuracy of the Flex? This might of helped your inaccuracies maybe? I have not altered my stride settings yet.

    Also, doesn’t the manual say “not” to wear it in the shower?

  9. Eddie White · May 20, 2013

    I had my flex for two weeks and the band broke where the window to see the lights and the rubber band meet. I immediately took my back and got the FitBit One. If a band breaks that quickly it is a faulty design. With that crack the device would easily get wet inside for sure. Reviews of the FitBit One and a friend I have love this device and now that I have had it for a week it is a very good device.

  10. Janet · July 29, 2013

    I can’t seem to find a fitbit flex…Best Buy/Amazon has a wait time and the fitbit website also has none in stock. Anybody know if they’re making some improvements? or just completely unorganized?

    • Ali · July 30, 2013

      It is selling on Amazon, just not directly from Amazon! although, one seller is fulfilled by Amazon. As far as I know, I do not think they made any improvements from the time I had it till now! I personally still do not recommend it!

  11. Dez · August 2, 2013

    I have had the Flex for about a week and have found it to be very frustrating. I spent 4 days in an intensive Irish dance workshop, where I danced for hours at a time. Since my arms remain at my sides, the Flex didn’t count any of my steps! I took thousands of steps before lunchtime, and none of them counted! When I tried to manually log my activity, the only options listed for dance were low and moderate activity levels. I am very unimpressed.

  12. Bo · August 12, 2013

    Thanks for the insightful and well written review! I haven’t decided yet, but I may purchase one from REI (because of their wonderful return policy and since I have heard some negative reviews). Similar to yourself, I am a Network Engineer and type around 80 wpm, and I am at the computer for 8-9 hours/day. I am curious to see if my steps are inaccurately reported like yours. Mahalo! ~Bo

    • Ali · August 12, 2013

      It does not hurt to give it a try, if you don’t like it, return it! lots of people are just super excited about it, have high expectations that they just refuse to admit its faults! Just do not be surprised to see 2000+ steps counted for you when are just sitting down using your PC for few hours 😉

      • Cory T · August 25, 2015

        I had the Fitbit clip and never had a problem ( until it went through the washing machine :). My wife replaced it for me with the wrist model and I wore it for the first time at work yesterday. I work from home ( a 2 floor apartment ) didn’t leave my house all day and at the end of the day I had almost 11,000 steps. Impossible ! I just checked while sitting at my desk and after typing for only about 10 minutes, it added over 200 steps. That explains it !

  13. dee · August 13, 2013

    I had the fitbit clip on and loved it so decided to trade up. HUGE mistake. The first day my steps tripled. Really, how is that possible. I move my hands a lot at work but come on, I stand at a counter making sandwiches, not even close. I gained 50 steps driving home once, Really. I am really disappointed. I’m with you Ali.

  14. Singh · August 14, 2013

    I am having the entirely opposite experience. My Fitbit flex is counting lesser steps/miles compared to what Google maps with walking direction is telling me. I have already adjusted my stride length and also ensured that the device is set to sensitive and it’s on my non-dominant hand. Still I love the flex as the steps/miles difference is not that huge + it makes me walk/run a little bit more which is perfectly fine with me 😉

  15. a p · October 22, 2013

    I had the BodyMedia band for 9 months before I bought the Flex. Wore both for a week and they were both within 5% of each other in terms of steps. I’m happier with the Flex as it is considerably lighter and less intrusive than BodyMedia. And Fitbit provides a free Web site where I had to pay BM a monthly fee to use theirs. And I work at a computer all day too.

  16. Sarah · December 30, 2013

    Do not get a Fitbit- they are the Worst!! My band breaks every 3 weeks, and I don’t wear it in the shower or during any intense activities. It’s so disappointing that I have to continually get it replaced via Brookstone, but what will happen after my year warranty is up? Can they please make a stronger band??

  17. Rhonda · January 10, 2014


    My boyfriend and I recently got these together around the first of January 2014. So far I really like it, I work as a lab tech and spend many hours at my desk doing data analysis on certain days as well. I also use my hand a lot for pipetting samples. I haven’t tested “accuracy” of this device against anything else yet, sort of easing into the traditional “New Years Resolution” of getting more fit. Anyways, so far I pretty well like it, I love that I can sync it with MyFitnessPal for logging foods and that it will make reports based on the FitBit data. I’ve only wore it in the shower once, and like others have mentioned I see the residue water inside the band afterwards, but to me it is not a big deal to take it off to shower. My phone is older so the bluetooth sync is not supported, but I’m fine with that as I prefer to use my desktop anyways. I’m using the small band fairly loose because I don’t like something tight on my arm and I have noticed that occasionally dragging my hoodie sleeve over the device will make it count “taps” either to light up with the goal progress or put it to sleep, but it doesn’t seem to interfere with the tracking, but as I have not done testing, who knows. (http://www.thetwopercent.co.uk/2013/08/fitbit-tips-and-tricks/) has some good tips on tracking if it is counting things “accurately” though there isn’t going to be a “prefect” solution, most measurement devices are either inaccurate or not precise to some degree.
    Recommendations have been made for cleaning the tracker leads if you notice any issues It is starting to get a bit of a grudge look to it, and I have seen recommendations for washing it in a 1:1 water-vinegar solution to clean it. Some of the other complaints I have seen for the flex as far as not having “motivators” there looks like there are many free apps that can be synced with the technology to customize it to your needs as well. I’ve not tested any other devices, but so far I’m okay with it, it handles the things I’m doing well…for now, though if I find any changes to this thinking I’ll update later on. I’m sorry that you had a bad experience with it, I’m guessing when the technology first came out there wasn’t as many helpful tips in the manual such as setup and putting it to sleep.

  18. Alessandro Muraro · February 4, 2014

    I just got one, and I also found the step count to be way off, I mostly sit at a desk like you do.
    I have been wearing the fitbit on my non-dominant wrist, so I just tried to change the setting to dominant – this makes it less sensitive.

    So far (in the last hour) no step has been recorded 🙂

    Hopefully this is a solution!

  19. Kate H · March 4, 2014

    I’ve always been skeptical of the pedometers that are worn on the wrist. I know they say they have ways to not count arm movements and just steps, but I don’t get how it can always tell the difference, and it seems like people here are having that issue.

    I’ve had a FitBit One since I got it for Christmas in 2012, and I love it. It’s one of the older clip-on models (they actually stopped making the model shortly after I got it, as they were launching the Ultra), but it seems to be pretty accurate. I do find if I’m driving on certain roads it will count extra steps (particularly bumpy ones), but I can understand that there’s no real way around that with any pedometer.

    My One is starting to crack around the ‘corners,’ which sadly makes sense because of how I clip it on and pull it off every way, and I’m not always gentle about it. I think given my skepticism and my love of my current model, if this one every does bit the bullet I’ll probably get the Ultra and stick with the clip-on model.

  20. Jack Elliott · March 15, 2014

    I was comparing my Fitbit Flex’s data vs the one is provided by iPhone 5S’ M7 chip. M7 constantly gave 30% more steps than my Fitbit. After a few weeks, I decided to do 100 steps and count the steps. After checking this with Fitbit, it reported 77 steps. I reported this issue to Fitbit Customer Service and they were very helpful and happy to send me a replacement for free. My tracker has just arrived today so I am going to give it another go to see if it is more accurate or not.

  21. That guy · May 13, 2014

    You simply were not using it right…You can enter sleep mode by just tapping it. If you set the setting to “dominate hand” while using computer it would reduce that 1700 steps you got, because it reduces the sensitivity of the device and counts for people that have such jobs. It takes a bit getting used to and fooling with settings before you get it as accurate as possible. You should have just spent a little more time researching and fooling with it. I’ve tested in all situations I do and for me i’ve never had any of these issues and it works exactly how its described and how I want it. With very little inaccuracy here an their, but thats normal with any device like this. Do more research before returning a device and exploring its full potential.

    • That guy · May 13, 2014

      I’m also an IT professional, with 15+ years in software development and Network Security.

  22. Heidi · June 4, 2014

    All the complaints you had aren’t exactly accurate. The wrist band will dry out naturally without having to wipe it out. A little moisture is not a problem. Just make sure you don’t wear it too tightly for air to circulate. To put it to sleep you just tap it for about 4 seconds (6 taps usually does it) until two lights flash. Done. For reminders you do have to go into the app on your phone or the computer, but you can set as many alarms as you like. The wristband will vibrate gently and lights will blink for about 20 seconds as the alarm goes off. There are settings, dominate vs non-dominate hand that will log steps differently, and it is a motion detector, not a super accurate pedometer so there will always be extraneous steps, but not so many that it will skew your data by very much.
    I love my Fitbit. I’m surprised you had so much trouble.

  23. Jen · June 20, 2014

    Ali – I know you wrote this a bit ago, but I have a simple question. If I purchase a UP24 or a Fitbit Flex to try it for a week before making a decision – is there a way to “transfer” the info between the two? I currently use MapMyFitness and I’m wondering if that could serve as a “cloud”.

    I appreciate any response.

    • Ali · August 10, 2014

      Hi Jen, Sorry for the late reply. Honestly I have no idea if you could transfer the data between UP24 and Fitbit. If you still have not purchased the UP, I would talk to their support first and ask them to help you transfer the data to their product.

  24. Brian Blues · June 24, 2014

    Yep! Some issues:

    1. The band clasp is something to get used to, but it will always be an issue. You do have to take it off for charging.
    2. I always take mine off for showering… this is also a good time to pop it into the charger.
    3. Accuracy. First day, I did quite a bit of driving on a winding road, and noticed that “it counts”. I won’t bother this the “activity log” stuff that they suggest. I am over it. This is far better than what I had before. Nothing. It is mildly motivational, so I’m OK with the accuracy issue.
    4. Sleep mode. Yes. That’s a pain. sometimes forget .. sometimes it gets cranky and won’t go to sleep. I was doing some work and it went into sleep mode because of the repetitive impacts. Not a huge issue.
    5. I tweeted @fitbit and @FitbitSupport and asked if they supported “Ankle Wear”. No response. Wonder why they bother with Twitter? I take it that the answer is “no”. Strapping two bands together is too big for my ankle, so it would require an extra large band to fit properly.

  25. Nikki D · August 18, 2014

    I am also returning my FitBit Flex and have a question. How did you delete your info from your device and/or USB? I’m concerned about all my info still being on it. Thanks!

    • Ali · August 22, 2014

      Nikki, from the iPhone app, you can reset the FitBit device to factory default. Once you do that, it will be safe to return the device back. However, FitBit does keep your online account active in case you get another FitBit device. If you want to delete your FitBit account, you will have to email their support at https://help.fitbit.com/customer/portal/emails/new

      Hope this helps.

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  29. all about fitbit | HTnews · January 22, 2015

    […] Fitbit flex review – the disappointment we’ve all been […]

  30. Jennifer · February 15, 2015

    All I know is I love the fitbit brand, yet I will be attempting to return and get my 3rd one since March of last year. Why is the product so poorly made? Especially at it’s price? So here is the deal… My first one simply quit working. No lights. Wouldn’t charge. Thankfully I was able to exchange. This time battery was getting low and I failed to charge it in time. Now I can’t charge at all. I was however able to reset it on my charger and actually charge on a friend’s charger… What a pain right? Gets worse… Now the charge lasts maybe 3 days! My week has gone to hell in a handbag. I’ve lost challenges and steps have me almost unranked. I love fitbit, but loathe the issues. Today I will hopefully come home with my 3rd one. Only reason I stick with it is because customer service for replacements has been good. Third times a charm.

    Just to spread the word for those that are unaware do not charge through a wall because the amps are too high for the tracker. This is what fitbit support tools me when I was in phone replacing a friend’s cause hers stopped charging out of the blue one day. Kudos to the customer support for replacing faulty products, but man what a pain. Hopefully my replacement will be of better quality.

    Happy stepping!

  31. Fitbit Charge HR – First impressions and mini review | Hyper Expert – Blog · April 13, 2015

    […] 2013, I did a review about the Fitbit Flex here. I was not very happy about it and did not recommend it. This time around, I am doing a review […]

  32. Rick · September 7, 2016

    I have been wearing my Flex for about a year and half and have been very pleased with it, no issues and found it very accurate. I wear it almost always except for showers or in the water. But the last few weeks has been very hot and working you sweat like crazy, my band filled with sweat and shorted out the flex. It took 2 weeks to get it to dry out and charge again, then after that I have not been able to get it to work properly. It will only register 13999 steps, and takes awhile to sync properly, also all the alarms will not work anymore.


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