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HOW-TO: Get Killer Wireless-AC 1525 working with Ubuntu

I recently got a new Alienware 15 laptop that uses the “Killer Wireless-AC 1525” combo wifi/bluetooth card. When I installed Ubuntu 15.04, everything worked right out the box except for Wifi. After countless hours of research and trial and error, I found this launchpad bug here that has the fix:


Thanks to this fix, it was as easy as just doing a fresh install and then installing this file to get wifi working. Although, the fix requires dkms package installed. Make sure you are either connected with your wired connection to resolve any dependency problems, or download dkms seperately.

Download and install

Download fix and install it with:

sudo dpkg --install ath10k-dkms_1.0_all.deb

Then reboot your system. Once back in, you can verify that wifi is working at the top right. Or, to view all of your detected network cards:

sudo lshw -class network

PS. the fix file was taken from Comment #209. It should work with kernel 3.2 to 4.2


Hi, my name is Ali. I am a Systems Engineer. I live in the beautiful Evergreen state. I have a Bachelor degree of science in Information Technology with a handful of accompanying I.T. certificates. I also have a degree in Computer Networking. I am an Apple Certified Technician, Microsoft MCITP and a Linux expert.


  1. CJ · September 27, 2015

    I just ordered an Alienware 15 a few days ago and I’m wondering how has your experience with it been running Ubuntu? Specifically, I’m wondering if you can change the color of the lighting?

    • Ali · September 28, 2015

      I have had mine for about 4-5 months and so far, no complaints at all. I love mine! I dual boot with Windows so honestly never tried messing with the lights from Linux. I know someone created a script to manipulate the lights from Linux but I never bothered with it.

  2. Martin · October 5, 2015

    Thank you for all!!
    I love you 🙂 (It work really good!)

  3. wox · October 22, 2015

    I tried this on ubuntu 15.10 and my wifi still doesn’t work. It says “no network devices available” in the network tray icon.

    It’s weird because my wifi card (atheros killer 1525) is well detected with the command “sudo lshw -class network” .

  4. Elb@t · November 25, 2015

    Thx bro 😀
    It works with Ubuntu Gnome 15.04.

    Good Job.

  5. F0cks · November 28, 2015

    Do not forget to install dkms before :
    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install dkms

    A plus

  6. Aaron · November 29, 2015

    You are a life saver.

    Drivers tested and working in the MSI GT72 2QE.

  7. Keegan · March 29, 2016

    MSI GT72 2QD 292 XCN is not working

  8. vatsalya vigya verma · March 30, 2016

    I am gonna try !
    1. i love your website design
    2. I am also running mac os x if you need my help i will help you but same problem wifi support so i buy 3 rd party wifi card
    3. Finger crossed hope it worked

  9. Luja · April 18, 2016

    Thanks it helped a lot!

  10. Al · June 18, 2016

    How come the last line (after running lshw -class network) gives that the configuration is only for Wifi 802.11abgn. Is there no 802.11ac support yet?

    configuration: broadcast=yes driver=ath10k_pci driverversion=4.4.0-21-generic firmware=WLAN.RM.2.0-00180-QCARMSWPZ-1 ip= latency=0 link=yes multicast=yes wireless=IEEE 802.11abgn

  11. Kent · July 6, 2016

    après des semaines de galère, j’ai trouver le correctif sur votre blog.juste installer et redémarrer l’ordi et Wifi fonctionne. un régal.
    Merci à vous pour votre travail.
    Hello after weeks of struggling, I find the update on your blog.just install and restart the computer and Wifi works. a delight.
    Thank you to you for your work.


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