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HTC One on ATT mini review – Got it, used it for one hour, returned it!

Last week, when the new HTC One came out on AT&T network, I rushed over to the store as soon as they opened at 10:00am to get the phone before they sell out. While I was there, there were four other people there for that same exact purpose, wanting the HTC One right away before it is too late and avoid having to wait for another shipment.

I was so excited that I even left work to go get the damn thing and rush back real quick, since the AT&T store was close to my job, I thought I should take the opportunity to get in the car on my lunch break, scarifies my hunger for the purpose of getting this new awesome shiny HTC phone.

Back Story:
Keep in mind that I am an iPhone user, I use and LOOVVEE my iPhone, been using it since it first came out. From time to time, I switch over to whatever latest android out there just to test out some nice features and get caught up to speed with whats out there.

Aside from the great specs the HTC One has, I wanted this phone specifically for the design, it has a really nice solid aluminum design. However, no matter where you are from, you can not argue that the design is literally stolen from the iPhone. I don’t care what others say, the design is flat out iPhone 5.

I don’t know why big companies like HTC and Samsung do not pay closer attention to details like Apple do! While the HTC One phone is very solid and feels great in the hand, they always seem to ignore some little things that just makes you scream “WHYYY???, WHY YOU NO FIX THIS???”. For example, the phone is all aluminum, solid, and nice, but the sides are all plastic, again, freaking plastic, and when I say plastic, I don’t mean some nice high quality plastic, no! Some really cheap, feels cheap to the touch plastic. The headphone jack is so cheaply made that it actually has little plastic hairs coming out of it still, not fully cut off clean from manufacturing. The power and volume buttons are also plastic and feel as cheap as the rest of the plastic pieces on the phone. If you can over come the really cheap plastic parts of the phone, then you will find it very nicely built! For me personally, that was strike one, before even first powering it on.

The phone has a really good camera. Just like advertised, it is only 4 mega pixels camera, but HTC uses new technology that they call ultra pixels, supposedly, the camera lens is bigger so it captures more light resulting in nicer pictures. The pictures taken with the phone do look very nice, however, since it is still only a 4 mega pixels pictures, do not expect to take shots with this phone and print them out in larger formats, they do get pixelated as soon as you start zooming in.

The screen is also really nice, HTC managed to cram 1080p resolution in a 4.8 inch screen, the colors are very sharp. blacks and whites are super clear. To me, it was nothing really amazing or some crazy brand new technology other than the fact that it is very crisp and clear screen.

I personally prefer plain “real” android experience. I am not a big fan of manufacturers slapping on their own themes on top of android and ruining it, or for others, maybe making android better. The new HTC Sense 5.0 is at most only “Ok” not the best, but certainly better than all the previous HTC sense versions.

The new HTC Blink feed is nice, think of it as almost like Pulse News app on your home screen, it acts and works almost the same, if you are familiar with Pulse News app on iPhone or Android, then you wont feel much of a difference, except for the part that it does not have and support as many websites as Pulse News does. I was able to add engadget to my Blink Feed, but I had a hard time adding Gizmodo! Also, HTC need to make a way to remove it from the home screen for users who do not like it! Blink Feed is always there and there is no way to remove it without a hack.

I really had high hopes for the HTC One, aside from it being probably the most beautiful android phone out there at the moment, the most solid android phone at the moment, and one of the best hardware specs android phone at the moment, it still have it’s drawbacks. Some of it’s drawbacks are with the build quality mentioned above, the plastic quality HTC decided to use, and some of the drawbacks are not actually HTC’s fault, but android itself. To me personally, android is a great mobile OS, and it beats iOS any day at any given time, but when it comes to app support and app store, iPhone literally craps on android at any given moment, even same apps are designed to work better on iPhone than on android, that was what actually pushed me back to return my shiny brand new HTC One phone and use my iPhone 5 again. HTC One phone did not really offer me any new android experience that was not already out there. To me, it was not a game changer that made me ditch my iPhone to switch to android.

In summary, I got the new super awesome HTC One phone, used it for few hours, did not really like many things which are mentioned above, packaged it back and returned it. Now I am back to using my iPhone again.


Hi, my name is Ali. I am a Systems Engineer. I live in the beautiful Evergreen state. I have a Bachelor degree of science in Information Technology with a handful of accompanying I.T. certificates. I also have a degree in Computer Networking. I am an Apple Certified Technician, Microsoft MCITP and a Linux expert.


  1. Stephen Stern · June 28, 2013

    I switched to the S4 last week, I must say i build quality isnt as good obviously. However it still looks great in the hand – pictures dont do it justice.
    The screen is fantastic and craps over iPhone. the size makes everything so much better.
    I can see where your coming from with Apps, however i haven’t had any problem and wont be switching back to apple unless they make a phone which REALLY makes you go “wow”.

    • Ali · June 28, 2013

      I do agree with you, most of the features android has craps on the iPhone any day! But we cant argue that the iPhone has a solid eco system, most of the popular apps or games run better on the iPhone! I have the fuelband that syncs to the iPhone which they do not offer an app for Android. And also iMsg, oh man, if iMsg was available for android!


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