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What is so special about Sony PlayStation 4?

Am i the only one out there that is very disappointed about Sony’s latest unveil, PlayStation 4? I mean I understand the thing is all updated and equipped with a better processor, GPU, RAM, storage, etc. But can anyone care to explain to me how is that “Next generation of gaming”? I was truly expecting something completely brand new, some new technology, maybe some new exciting gaming experience! But no, all we got is an update to a current platform.

The PlayStation 3 was totally a “Next generation of gaming” with the introduction of the all new Blu-Ray discs, new very sophisticated cell processors, and including the Bluetooth dualshock 3 controllers, all of that was a completely new experience compared to the PlayStation 2. Even after 7 years, the PlayStation 3 is still a very powerful piece of hardware.

To top it all off, Sony did not even show the PlayStation 4 hardware at the conference! Why have a conference about a device but not even display the device and show it in action? I don’t understand the strategy behind that! Hey everybody, look, we have a device here that we think is a next generation of gaming, but, we don’t know how it will look like, we haven’t finalized the specs yet, and we are not sure about the price! REALLY SONY?


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