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StarCraft 2 – Heart of the Swarm

This is currently what I am addicted to before our baby Chloe sees the light of day, nuff said 😉

Future msg to my baby girl, know that papa loves you very very much, but if you could delay your stay in mama’s belly for a little bit longer, StarCraft 2 Heart of the Swarm just came out, and many other awesome games, like Tomb Raider, Bioshock Infinite, and the new Metal Gear is coming out soon ;(


Hi, my name is Ali. I am a Systems Engineer. I live in the beautiful Evergreen state. I have a Bachelor degree of science in Information Technology with a handful of accompanying I.T. certificates. I also have a degree in Computer Networking. I am an Apple Certified Technician, Microsoft MCITP and a Linux expert.

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  1. Julia P. · April 5, 2013

    Hi baby, Chloe just kicked so I can relate the message: ” Papa I’m coming out on time if not even earlier, so enjoy it while it lasts ;)”


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