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The all new Fitbit Flex. UPDATE: Review

I literally placed 2 Fitbit Flex on pre-order as soon as they were accepting pre-orders online. However, Until today, I have not heard anything from Fitbit about any shipping information or release dates. I started getting curious and I started searching online for more info about the release date, comes to find out that BestBuy just started selling them! I quickly went to BestBuy’s website and checked if the BestBuy closest to me has it in stock, surely enough they did, I rushed to them right away and got 2, one for myself and one for my wife.

From a customer’s standpoint, I feel that Fitbit did mess up with the pre-orderes process. The whole point of pre-orders is to be one of the first to get the product, not to find out that retailers closest to you are already selling the product and your pre-order directly from the manufacturer is nowhere close to even be shipped! What gives Fitbit?

As of writing this article, Fitbit’s website still have the device posted as coming out soon! Yet most of the BestBuy stores have them in stock already!

I have both devices charging as I am writing this post, I will post a review in few days after I start using mine.

Update: Flex review


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  1. Dushyant Atram · May 2, 2013

    Please post your review of FITBIT FLEX on Youtube i’m Eagerly waiting, also mail me when you post (if possible)
    i’m from India thanks & regards

    • Ali · May 3, 2013

      I will try to post a review as soon as possible, probably on here though, not youtube

      • SD · May 3, 2013

        Please do review , don’t know if i should wait for Flex or get a UP.



      • Ali · May 4, 2013

        SD – I will try to do the review by Monday, but so far, if you are deciding between Flex and UP, I would definitely go for the Flex

  2. S K · May 3, 2013

    Shoddy customer service indeed. Were you able to cancel your pre-order?

  3. Roxanne · May 5, 2013

    I think it’s hilarious That Your picture of the fitbit is next to your Baileys


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