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Trim support for RAID SSD setup

I just finally got my 2 Samsung 256 GB SSDs as a gift for the holidays from my beloved wife :D. While installing them as a RAID 0 setup, I ran through the dilemma of TRIM and others suggesting that it was a bad idea doing SSDs as RAID! not knowing what TRIM is since it was my first time dealing with SSD drives, I started asking my friend, Google 😉

Apparently when SSDs were first introduced, without the appropriate drivers,  the way the OS handles operations like deleting files was resulting in degrading the SSD drives very fast unless you “reset” the drive by formatting it completely! But not anymore. Thanks to TRIM which was introduced to handle all the garbage collection and deletes files properly.

For the longest time, TRIM was only supported if you only have  1 SSD drive in your computer, if you were going with a RAID setup, you lose TRIM. That is why it was not recommended to have 2 or more SSDs in your computer as a RAID setup, unless you were going with software RAID setup (yuk!). It was not until November 2011 when Intel announced their RST 11.5 Alpha driver that was intended to supports TRIM for RAID 0 volumes in the next upcoming release.

As of writing this blog, almost all newer performance motherboards with the latest BIOS updates seem to have TRIM support. Windows 8 seems to support TRIM right out of the box, as for Windows 7, I believe you have to apply the latest updates to get the latest TRIM support, specially if you have RAID SSDs.

Long story short, you should not worry if you have the latest of everything (motherboard, BIOS updates, SSDs) 😉


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