We are not out of business…

As most of you know by now, we have had a major outage due to a nasty storage bug, that has caused us to lose our customer’s data. We tried our best to double, triple, our efforts to prevent this from happening and resume operations. Unfortunately, the bugs won and we just could not do anything about it…

We take Hyper Expert very seriously and pride ourselves with what we do here. We work every single hour of every day to make sure we provide our customers with the best service they can possibly get. Most of our customers love our service. Some even offered to work for us – FOR FREE! – just because they wanted to contribute “You know who you are – we haven’t forgotten about you ;)”. The response from our customers about this outage has been surprisingly heartwarming.

Many have asked if we are out of business, and to that we answer (the caps lock is not a mistake): NO! We are not out of business. We are very passionate about our service and this major roadblock will not take us down. Yes, some of our customers will not come back. Yes, we will have a bad reputation for this. And yes, we do understand that some will warn others to stay clear. However, We hope that most will eventually realize that mistakes do happen. They will see how true and dedicated we are, they will eventually come to realize down the road how awesome the new Hyper Expert is and how much they will be missing out on our new service :).

How are you going to prevent this in the future?

We are working very hard to bring our service back. We went back to the drawing board and will be rethinking and redesigning our infrastructure from the ground up to make sure this incident will not happen again. That said, this will take us some time – few short weeks. Unfortunately, we don’t have an exact estimate yet, however, it should not take us long. We will keep you all updated on our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

We are very devastated about this and regret letting our customers down. However, there is only one way to go from here, and that’t up. We will rebuild, we will bring our service back online soon, we will prevent this from happening in the future, and we will gain our customer’s trust again…you can count on that…

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